The Need

Since 2011 the Syrian civil war has seen the displacement of over 10 million people, over half of Syria's population. Of these around 4 million people have left their countries as refugees in order to flee the violence. Separated from family and friends and living in camps in Europe, Jordan and Lebanon they are in limbo waiting to hear that they have found a new home. Our goal is to help one Syrian family come to Canada and start their lives over in peace and security.

Boynuyogun Turkish Red Crescent camp.

Boynuyogun Turkish Red Crescent camp.


May 15/16
Two fundraising events are coming up soon. Check out the calendar events below for all the details.

May 9/16
We have begun fundraising for another sponsorship! Many of our sponsor family's was able to receive sponsorship to safe countries. One family member is awaiting a sponsor. We have agreed to sponsor this individual to Canada and are working towards a goal of raising $10,000. 

April 25/16
Our sponsor family is settling well into their new life in Canada. They have gone through the Manitoba Start program and have begun English language classes. The girls have started school and have enjoyed attending BOOM Youth a number of times.

March 1/16
Our sponsor family has arrived in Winnipeg! The next couple of weeks will be a transition to being here in Canada, getting paperwork completed, and starting an orientation program.

Welcoming our family at the airport!

Welcoming our family at the airport!

Feb 28/16
Our sponsor family has landed in Canada and will be welcomed to Winnipeg on Tuesday! A huge thank you for the generosity that has been pouring in, we have most of the household items donated. Please click the "What is Needed?" button to see what we're still needing. MOST IMPORTANT needs include winter clothing, people willing to spend time with the family over the next week or two to help them get started, drivers to take them to appointments, and language translators.

Feb 24/16
Our sponsor family is on their way! We have just been notified that they will arrive in Montreal on Saturday, Feb 27th!

Feb 14/16
A huge thank you to everyone who attended and volunteered at our "Love, A Gift a Hope" fundraiser. Together we raised over $10,000 towards helping our sponsor family!

Dec 22/15
Matched with a Syrian family. The process of getting the paperwork completed for their sponsorship and travel has officially begun.

Nov 27/15
Received profile of a Syrian refugee family needing sponsorship

Nov 26/15
Received approval to become a Constituent Group

Nov 22/15
Submitted application to sponsor a refugee family as a Constituent Group


Our goal was to raise $27, 000 to help the family as they integrate to life in Canada. We have reached that goal and are now working towards raising $10,000 to sponsor a family member of our initial sponsor family.

Donate Online via PayPal

Donate via Text 2 Give

Step 1: Text "GIVE" to

Step 2: Follow prompts
Select #3 - Refugee

Step 3: The first time will require a brief set-up. For any future donations, only complete steps 1 & 2

Other Ways to Help

Donate clothing (freshly laundered), furniture and household items that are new or gently used and in good working condition. Please click on the "what is needed" button below for a full list of requested and received items.

Volunteer to help the family with day to day activities such as shopping, appointments, and banking, as well as helping them navigate employment and language services.

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted
— Aesop